Blue Ridge Sign Supply in partnership with Black Mountain Sign Studio and SignCraft Magazine offers free or discounted sign supplies for sign projects that benefit local charities. 

We owe a special thanks to Mary Soyenova for the idea. Mary is the founder of Black Mountain Sign Studio which opened 1992. Mary has done some beautiful work over the years and was featured in SignCraft Magazine in 2002.  She recently wrote an article for SignCraft on what it means to retire from the sign industry. After 25 years of service and thousands of hand-crafted signs, Mary is hanging up her paint brush and is "sort of" officially retiring. Today Mary spends most of her time donating signs to non-profits. She donates her time and Blue Ridge Sign Supply donates the supplies. It's a great idea that we hope will catch on!

Now any sign company that wishes to donate signs to a local charity may request free or discounted supplies. Email your request for supplies here. Mary would love to hear from you.

Charities helped: Twelve Baskets - (Black Mountain), Wind River (Tryon), Give!Local (Asheville), Leicester Elementary School (Olivia's Playground), Fairview Volunteer Fire Department (2018 Fund Raiser)

Mary Soyenova
Olivia's Playground.jpeg


Are you looking for fundraising help? We offer churches, schools and non-profits discounted prices on decals, bumperstickers and posters at our sister company, Asheville Decal. Did you know that most custom decals cost less than a dollar to produce and can be resold for $3 to $5? No heavy boxes of cookies to lug around, no bake sales to orchestrate or car washes to man - and anyone can afford a decal. It's a fun and easy way to raise money for your charity.

If you need free help designing your fundraising decal, please send us an email, we're happy to help!