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CE6000 Plus Series is equipped with professional features such as a registration mark sensor.  Supported software includes advanced cutting functions that improve work efficiency and productivity.  CE6000 Plus Series is also cleaner, “greener” with an electronic design and manufacturing process that minimizes the environmental impact of the hardware equipment throughout its entire life cycle.

  • Intuitive and easy operation.
  • Improved application software.
  • Includes Graphtec ARMS (Advanced Registration Mark Sensor)
  • Contour Cut Pre-Printed Graphics.
  • 450 grams of force.
  • 2 Year Standard Warranty


CE6000-40 (15") Desktop Cutter       MSRP    $1,195

CE6000-60 (24") Cutter with Stand   MSRP   $1,795

CE6000-120 (48") Cutter with Stand  MSRP   $3,495